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South Pasadena Middle School’s Science Class First Day of Class

Watch the South Pasadena Middle School 7th Graders release live butterflies on the first day of their Life Science class! South Pasadena Middle School, 1500 Fair Oaks Avenue, South Pasadena, (626) 441-5830 or visit

FSHA 8-21-2015 pics01
Flintridge Sacred Academy’s Freshman Orientation Continues with iMovie Workshop

Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy’s Day 3 of Freshman Orientation! FSHlumber party is still to come, but the day has been filled with lots of orientation…

St. Andrew Catholic School Super Science Wednesday

SACS 7-24-2015 1st 740px St. Andrew Catholic School’s Summer Camp Tiger and Enrichment 2015 participants recently held Super Science Wednesday: Learning about the states of matter and how they can change by making ice cream! Saint Andrew Catholic School, 42 Chestnut St., Pasadena, (626) 796-7697 or visit  

Clairbourn School 7-16-2015 pics01
Clairbourn Preschool Summer Advantage Class are Busy Little Learners

Clairbourn’s Preschool Summer Advantage Class is filled with busy little learners! They’re exploring, swimming, making art, working with puzzles, developing their motor skills, and getting…

PolySummer’s Robotics Class Conducts Rover Simulation Activity

Polytechnic School 7-13-2015 pics01 PolySummer’s robotics class, students conducted a rover simulation activity which allows students to experience firsthand the challenges of sending fixed instructions to a robot millions of miles away. Students attempted to navigate their blindfolded “robot” through a course and pick up a ball and deliver…

MSA 7-6-2015 pics01
Mountain and Sea Adventures Science Camp: A Safe Place To Be A Kid

From the moment each MSA student arrives at camp they are encouraged to ‘dream big’, and ‘break your fears’. The staff is passionate about working…

The Westridge School Summer Program 2015

Westridge School 7-3-2015 1st PICS01 The Westridge Summer Program girls are learning how to design for the 3D printer! Westridge School Summer Program 2015 offers an innovative summer program providing an opportunity for girls to hone scientific and technical skills, develop passions, and engage in their communities and beyond. For…

MJS 6-30-2015 2nd pics01
Summer Program at Mayfield Junior School

Summer Program at Mayfield Junior School. Learning new skills and making new friends! Mayfield Junior School, 405 South Euclid Ave., Pasadena, (626) 796-2774 or visit…

Waverly MS Science: 2014-2015 Impressions

Waverly School 6-19-2015 pics01 Photo courtesy Waverly School Middle School science program After 80 Blog posts, and a whole school year of hands-on science, I asked the students who would be willing to share their thoughts on the blog, to write about their impressions of this year. I have…

Weizmann Day School 6-12-2015 1st pics01
Weizmann Day School’s Last Multi-grade Field Trip

Weizmann Day School’s last multi-grade field trip for this school year was a real winner! K-5th grade visited Cabrillo Marine Museum, on the beach! Each class donated large bags of empty aluminum cans as an entrance fee to the aquarium. They saw large (“really big”) lobsters and jelly fish, some with huge mouths that were suctioned onto their glass tanks. Click here to view more photos of the field trip. Weizmann Day School, 1434 N Altadena Dr, Pasadena, (626) 797-0204 or visit

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