Yes, Preschool is Important

Education in the preschool years involves preparing a foundation for children’s learning and sets the stage for a positive approach to education, which is a vital ingredient of school readiness. Preschool is important to children because it gives them a chance to play with other children, work in groups, take turns, have conversations, and build the foundation of their learning. The experiences they have in preschool prepare them with social and learning skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

They engage in and practice all of these skills during creative play, exploration, and planned and spontaneous learning activities. This gives children the opportunity to manipulate materials they might not have at home, to practice different motor skills, engage in different language skills, and to develop themselves as learners. Children also participate in conversations and hear words they will soon learn and incorporate into their vocabulary.

All of these experiences help to build confidence and a positive sense of self. Research shows that children who have a strong sense of self and confidence learn better because they are more open to new experiences. They also want to participate because they feel good about themselves as learners.

Children who go to high-quality preschools are more prepared for Kindergarten. They have a richer vocabulary, develop math, pre-reading, and social skills, learn how to work within a group, and develop background knowledge which they can build on as they progress through the grades.

Children who take part in the Clairbourn preschool program are ready to enter Kindergarten with a positive self-concept, a spirit of inquiry, and the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will allow them to be successful in their educational experiences.

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