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21 January 2020

PASADENA WOW! Published by Pasadena Now

Pasadena's Best Guide to Shopping, Dining and Services

The very best way to shop the best businesses, services and professionals in the Pasadena, CA area - including South Pasadena, La Cañada Flintridge, Altadena, Sierra Madre, San Marino and more!

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Night Club

1881 Club

A bar with the friendly “Cheers” atmosphere.  Serving alcoholic beverages, beer, mixed drinks, and wines with fun activities like pool, darts, and pinball machines.  Come in for Karaoke on Tuesday or Saturday.

(626) 794-3068


72 North

Located in the heart of Old Town Pasadena, with 12 42″ High Definition Plasma TVs, three 60″ screens, and 2 large projection screens, 72 NORTH is your #1 source for sports entertainment. It’s a new modern twist to the traditional supper club/sports bar. 72 NORTH has a sleek modern interior that delivers a inviting club [...]

(626) 578-9990



Welcome to the all new, fully remodeled Dullahan’s. With 12 hi-def plasmas, 3-60′screens, + 2 large projection screens, Dullahan’s is your number one source for sports entertainment. It’s a new modern twist to the “old Irish pub”. Dullahan’s sleek modern interior delivers an inviting pub and lounge atmosphere without giving up the warm comfy atmosphere [...]

(626) 578-9155


Red White & Bluezz

In one of the original historic buildings of Old Pasadena, redwhite+bluezz offers top-tier menu ingredients, a Sommelier-directed wine program (including tasting flights, a series of two-hour classes, and an exceptional bottle selection), and a stylish venue for enjoying the work of the area’s most renowned Jazz Artists. The facility itself is divided into two main [...]

(626) 792-4441


The Coffee Gallery Backstage

The Coffee Gallery Backstage is a 49 seat show room connected to a coffee house surprisingly called, “The Coffee Gallery.” The Backstage is a listening room with a fine sound system, good lights, comfortable seating and a killer atmosphere. The room “location” is a coffee bean warehouse somewhere in Central America. You are comfortably stranded [...]

(626) 398-7917


The Ice House Comedy Club

The Ice House Comedy Club…Legendary! Yes, we used the “L” word. If there’s a business that’s entitled to use that word it would be The Ice House. Opened in 1960, our little club located “in an alley off a one way street” is truly legendary. During the 50+ years, over 4 million people have shared [...]

(626) 577-1894


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Learn to Dance with a Friend for Just $99,

Step forward with your left foot. Bring the right foot forward slowly. Quickly sidestep to the left with your left foot before moving your right foot to your left foot. Learning the Foxtrot, as well as other dances, is easy at Arthur Murray’s Dance Studio this season. Two introductory private...

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Merengue Bakery and Cafe Serves up the World’s Largest Cupcake!,

Merengue Bakery and Cafe created the world’s largest cupcake for an MTV reality show. The show, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, aired on Tuesday, June 16 on MTV and Merengue’s cupcake was a feature.The cupcake’s final measurements were 7 feet tall by 7 feet wide, and it weighed in at...

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Clean House = Merry Maids,

A clean house is something everyone can appreciate. But who really has the time or desire to spend hours upon end cleaning, dusting, mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming.  An overall home cleaning can really become a huge undertaking.  It’s time to weigh out the options, to clean or not to clean,...

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Live It Up at The Fair Oaks,

Whoever said a stay at the Ritz Carlton was strictly for the rich and famous was wrong.  The Fair Oaks, an Independent and Assisted Senior living facility in Pasadena, is as close to the Ritz Carlton as imaginable. Rica Duff, Director of Marketing at The Fair Oaks, explains that even...

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June 1, 2009 Shop-Wise Blog Comments...

Free Bike Maintenance Class,

Learning the basic skills on a bicycle may date back to childhood, but bike maintenance is another story.  There are many tricks of the trade and tips to understand in order to keep your bike in proper condition. At Pasadena Cyclery,  learn from the experts at their FREE Basic Maintenance...

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