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23 October 2019

PASADENA WOW! Published by Pasadena Now

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Matt Denny’s Ale House Restaurant


145 East Huntington Drive, Arcadia, CA 91006

(626) 462-0250

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All About Us!

“Every day I have a bounce in my step when I come into work,” says Matt McSweeny, owner and co-founder of Matt Denny’s Ale House in Arcadia. “Every day I feel blessed to be able to come to work at a place called Matt Denny’s. A lot of history, a lot of good times, a lot of heartache, a lot of hard work, but it’s fun. We’re looking to stay around for a long time.”

Now who who wouldn’t want to take family and friends to a restaurant owned by a man with that spirit? Sounds like just the kind of place that could become your own personal version of Cheers.

The place is named after Matt and the co-founder, Dennis. The two joined forces after having worked at Crown City Brewery for years to start their own business. Matt had started behind the bar, and worked his way through managing positions and culinary school before deciding to carve his own place in the area’s gastronomic landscape.

On a buying trip to a restaurant equipment warehouse, Matt and Denny noticed a magnificent antique hand-carved wood bar for sale. They promised themselves that when they had their own place they would buy it, and so it was.

“It’s a Brunswick-style bar, dates back to the 1890s,” McSweeny said. “This actual bar came from Havana, Illinois, a little hunting and gambling center back in the day. It came out of a place called Pete’s Tavern. There was a gentleman in here a few years ago that actually knew Pete. He and I had a great talk. He remembers going in there and seeing this bar.”

Legend says that somewhere in that bar is a bullet hole… Matt’s searched, in vain, but it’s probably true that somewhere on that imposing mantle to spirits both high and liquid there is in fact a scar marking a night of heated passions from days gone by.

Matt Denny’s Ale House is forming its own legend, of a much gentler sort, within the community. Avid supporters of youth sports and local high schools, the restaurant caters to all ages and especially encourages celebration.

“Over the 13 years I’ve seen kids grow up and now they’re coming in with their friends, so it’s neat to see the people that still come in after years and years, and this being one of their go-to places,” McSweeny said. “With a lot of the big companies we’ll do their parties, we’ll do wedding rehearsal dinners, birthday parties. We’ve done first birthday parties, wedding showers, baby showers, tenth anniversaries, tenth birthdays, we’ve done so many different events with different families. We try and form relationships and get out and talk to people and get to know them. You could be high school, you could be 90 years old, you’re going to get the same treatment.”

The Ale House boasts 15 televisions for sports viewing, as well as a patio for under-the-stars entertainment. On Tuesdays and weekends patrons enjoy live music, and holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Oktoberfest always deliver great festivity.

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